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Per Olav Kobberstad is a Norwegian guitarist and composer, and one of the few in the world playing 8 and 9 string acoustic guitar.


After starting to learn popular music and rock at the age of 10, Per eventually got more interested in styles like jazz, south-American music, and folk music, today he is performing and recording both in Norway and around the world.


In 2014 he released his debut album "Os Rios, As Ligações" with some of Brasils greatest musicians, and in 2016, the album "Colonial Colors" was released together with Alf Wilhelm Lundberg. In 2017 Per recorded a duo album "Cachorro À Vista" ,with one of the most legendary percussionists in Brazil, Robertinho Silva (known to play with Tom Jobim, Wayne Shorter, Weather Report, Milton Nascimento, Herbie Hancock and many more). 

Kobberstad has performed at various venues and festivals with his own projects, including
 Niteroi Jazz Festival 2013, touring in Brasil with musicians like Marcio Bahia and Dino Rangel, and in 2017 with his own Norwegian Trio, with Inge Breistein and Per Elling Kobberstad. He also played solo concerts in Spain, Portugal, Norway, Brasil, and participated several years at Akustiske Landskap International Guitar-festival.



Some of the people Per made music with:
Robertinho Silva(BR), Arthur Maia(BR), Marcos Nimrichter(BR), Daniela Spielmann(BR), Dino Rangel(BR), Adaury Mothe(BR), Marcio Bahia(BR), Scott Feiner(US), Daniel Arévalo(SE), Jens Andersson(SE), Achyutram Bhandari(NE), Ole Jacob Hystad(NO), Tor Ytredal(NO), Alf Willhelm Lundberg(NO), Lars Olav Berg(NO), Marius Igland(NO), Sheila Simmenes(NO), Lius Baruch(BR), Inge Weatherhead Breistein(NO), Andre Siqueira(BR), Arismar Espirito Santo(BR), Alexandre Ito Souza(BR), Foguete Barreto(BR), Julio Diniz(BR), Bruna Santana(BR), Bård Kolstad(NO). Francesca Faro(IT), Federico Casagrande(FR), Jostein Guldbrandsen(NO), Jose Carlos Bigorna(BR) 

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