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Bruna Santana (BR) and Per Olav Kobberstad (NO) is a duo based in Oslo, Norway, with a repertoire of Bossa Nova from Brasil, Jazz, pop and Latin American music. Since 2016 they have provided an intimate, cozy and relaxing atmosphere to music lovers around the world, with uptempo samba music, relaxing bossa nova, and catchy covers of songs like "Tuyo" and "Desafinado".

Bruna is singing and playing percussion, and sings in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Norwegian. Per plays his 8-string guitar, that functions both as a bass and a regular guitar at the same time.

The duo have performed together in both Norway and Brasil, at places like Tukthuset, The Brazilian Embassy in Oslo, Lemni, Sofar São Paulo, and many more..

They also both have their own projects as music professionals, performing in many countries, touring and recording.


Bruna Santana & Per Olav Kobberstad

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