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Per Elling Kobberstad - Drums/Percussion

Per Olav Kobberstad - 8-String Guitar


15 years ago, Per Elling was teaching his cousin(primo) Per Olav to play guitar.
Recently they formed a duo, playing

original compositions inspired by different genres

like folk music, jazz, latin-american music and afro-american music. The repertoire also includes some tunes from Per Olav Kobberstad's latest album, "Os Rios, As Ligações", released 2014.


Stay tuned for music and videos!



Kobberstad Quartet/Trio

The quartet usually plays original music by Kobberstad, influenced by Norwegian traditional music, european and scandinavian jazz, and music from South-America. 

The compositions are melodic and with much room for improvisation and interaction, in a unique style full of colors and different rythms. Kobberstad plays the guitar in the “south-american way”, but with a more modern and improvisational approach. The formation usually consists of acoustic guitar, drums/perc, bass, and/or another solistic instrument. But Kobberstad often likes to invite solists and other participants also.

Cor De Aves Duo

A cantora Sheila Simmenes e o violonista Per O. Kobberstad, um duo noruegues, tocam composições orginais influenciado pela musica da Noruega, jazz, e musica da America do Sul. A musica deles está cheia de cores e sentimentos e num estilo único sem fronteiras. Enquanto que criam coisas novas, as idéias são enraizadas em tradições. Eles fazem shows em formato de duo, e com outros musicos e convidados.

Per O. Kobberstad SOLO.

Kobberstad performs solo guitar concerts, with a repertoire including both originals, jazz, norwegian folk music and south-american compositions.


An improvised version of "Triste" by Tom Jobim: 

Kobberstad & Zec

Bosnian accordionist Milos Zec and Per O. Kobberstad "coincidentally" met one day on the streets of Kristiansand in 2012. Together they play traditional music from Bosnia and Norway, as well as original compositions. Interpreted with colorfull arrangements and improvisations.

They recorded the CD "At the corner of Kongens" in July 2014, now available digitally.

Following is a sample from Egzoticni Trio 2013 with Simen Børven on Bass.


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